As many of you may know, Louisa and I started a new company and have been working diligently to get it off the ground - First Gear Project - a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the automotive & motorsports industries.  Last month we had a weekend off (amazingly) and of course, I decided it would be a great idea to spend it at another race track!  But not just any track... this was Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the mecca of all tracks!  We went for the inaugural IndyCar Indianapolis Grand Prix to tell all in attendance about First Gear Project.  As expected, it was widely accepted by all the teams, drivers & fans we spoke to with much intrigue and interest.  We are VERY excited about FGP, and you should be as well!  Here are a few photos from our weekend at Indy.

For more information on FGP, please visit  Thanks for reading!