This week we are North of the border at the BAD-BOY of race tracks in North America - the insanely fast Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (formerly known as Mosport).  This place was built back when men were men, if you know what I'm saying, with huge, sweeping, fast corners and tons of elevation change.  Of all tracks out there, 'CTMP' really separates the men from the boys.  

I walked this iconic circuit with my engineers and teammates from Extreme Speed Motorsports / Tequila Patrón Racing.  Here's a photo documentation of the entire circuit, corner by corner.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  (This might take a few minutes, there's 126 photos - but if you love race tracks, sit back and enjoy!)

Stay tuned for more pics & info as the race weekend unfolds! 

Thanks for reading - Guy

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