Today was the 'I'm-not-sure-how-many-times-this-has-happened' annual bike ride that my teammate Johannes (van Overbeek) puts together.  It's a fun, friendly, private bike ride from San Jose to Monterey, CA.  When completed, it's about 90 miles long, and includes 3500 feet of climbing!  I live in Florida.  It's FLAT in Florida!  Climbing on a bicycle is NOT my deal, but I tried my best.  And unlike last year, this year I had my bike equipped with the proper gears for climbing which certainly helped.  Many thanks to On Your Mark Performance Center for the last-minute changes & tune-up to my bike.  And my bike?  A Ridley Damocles RS that I picked up about two years ago thanks to the cycling guru's at The Racer's Edge.

The ride?  GRUELING, but had absolutely beautiful scenery, great weather and lots of laughs.  I had a blast and got the leg workout of a lifetime, but I absolutely do not ride often enough to be able to keep up with these guys!  I definitely need to build up my leg strength and simply log more miles on the bike, but I hung tough, made it through the climbs (except for the MEGA, super-steep mountain climb) and logged about 65 miles before I decided to call it quits and hopped in the 'chase van' and let the rest of the boys finish it out.  I have no shame in saying I bailed.  I was in PAIN!!  :)

Here's some data from STRAVA - a great cycling app for your smartphone.  If you're on STRAVA, give me a follow!  If not (and you ride) get on it!

Here are some great photos from the ride, courtesy of my beautiful, sweet & amazing wife, Louisa.  :)

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