Ok, here's how this is going to work. Every day, I'm going to update this here little blog entry with some thoughts from each day at the track and an ongoing photo gallery of all the pics I'm taking from my phone.  I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back for updates each day!  Thanks for reading!  -Guy


Today was a fun day!  I didn't get behind the wheel at all, which was part of our plan for the day, but plenty sure happened! David Brabham was scheduled to qualify, so he and Scott split the morning practice session to work on setup and get Brabs ready qualifying and Scott some more time in the car. It's been hard to give all of us equal amounts of time behind the wheel this week with everything going on, but we're all comfy and getting acclimated nicely. We've made great progress with the HPD P2 machines and are finding our way with setup and closing in on pace. David did a great job in qualifying as did Johannes in the 02. We're starting 4th and 5th, and even though there's only 5 cars in our class, we're getting closer by the session.

As for all the action, we had our autograph session today which fun as always with the GREAT fans that show up at Sebring, and I got to host a LIVE AUCTION for the Austin Hatcher Foundation. We auctioned off some great items to help raise money for this wonderful charity. I really had a good time with it.

TOMORROW IS RACE DAY! We are prepped and ready. Of course this P2 endeavor is a very young program and our expectations are low (we'd just like to finish without any hiccups), we ARE still going to put the pedal to the metal... ;)

ENJOY THE RACE! Watch it live on SPEED!


After sorting out the remaining 'new car' teething issues, with minor electronic/programming fixes, safety checks over the course of a few days and basic car setup parameters, we finally got to 'RUN' the cars at speed yesterday. Man, they are cool cars! We're narrowing down on the setup window and starting to get the car more and more comfortable, responsive and turn more competitive lap times. Having David Brabham on board with us is a real treat, as he knows these cars - both behind the wheel and from a setup standpoint - very well. He's a huge asset to us, and the entire team is working well together (as we always do!)

Today is one more practice session and then qualifying. Not sure of who's qualifying but I'm sure any of us would be happy to!

I'll try to snag some more pictures today. thanks for staying tuned! Tomorrow is race day! Can't believe it!



Well, I didn't take many pictures today but I did work out, ride the bike, film a track orientation for ALMS/SPEED TV AND drove the race car! FUN!

Today was a good day. Both cars were prepped and ready for action today. The Honda Racing HPD team has been doing a great job sorting out the new-generation P2 engine and this afternoon we were able to let it rip!  Although we didn't quite 'rip' it.  We did, however, get each of us drivers in the car for a few laps to get sorted with seat fitments, cockpit comfort and a baseline feel for the car, in addition to a few basic setup changes.  Keep in mind, these cars are brand-new to us and the team, so we're all learning as we go.  The cars ran flawlessly and we have a strong game plan for tomorrow's sessions!

I'm excited!  Stay tuned for more pics & info right here at the G-Cosmo BLOG! :)


Today we have a ton of driver photo and video shoots in the morning for the series, for Michelin and a few others, and then we hope to get the cars on track for this afternoon's sessions.  Need to look pretty this morning!

Here are all the pics I took from yesterday, and as I take more they'll be added to this gallery.  Enjoy!


It's Monday at Sebring!  I arrived yesterday afternoon, after getting pulled over and receiving a speeding ticket...  That was no fun.  And of course the rest of my drive was pretty bo

ring as I attempted to maintain a speed a bit 'closer' to the speed limit... yuck!

The ESM crew as BUSTED their butts to get both HPD P2 machines assembled and prepped for this race.  It's been a massive undertaking in an incredibly short period of time.  Although there's more work to be done before we're 'ready' for the 12 hour itself, we've got all week to get ourselves and the cars ready, and work out all the bugs.  It's going to be a very interesting week, but also a very exciting one.  I can't wait!

I will upload pictures here throughout the day, so be sure to come back and check them out!  Thanks for following, and if you know anyone who might enjoy reading my updates, spread the love!  Thanks - Guy

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