Greetings from Sebring! Today is the first day we're actually 'testing' and working on our new toy - the ESM/Patrón Acura ARX-03b P2 machine!  Scott Sharp started the day behind the wheel, relying on his experience from racing this car a few years back to establish a baseline setup and get the team familiarized with the car.  I hopped in for a short run after Scott and had a great run.  What a blast!  Experiencing the wind, buffeting and wind noise from the open-cockpit is the biggest thing to get used to.  (It's been a long time since I was in an open-cockpit car!)  The car is VERY forgiving and easy to drive.  I drove just two short runs, since it was the first time behind the wheel since my surgeries in January.  I'm happy to report that I feel GREAT!  I might hop back in late today or tomorrow, but we've only got one car for the 4 of us at the moment, so we must play nice and share.  Either way I'm really looking forward to getting to SERIOUS work behind the wheel of this prototype during race week.  This is going to be awesome!

Here's a few pics from the day so far. I'll add to the gallery some more both tonight and tomorrow.  Enjoy, and hope to see you at the 12 Hour!

- Guy