Howdy!  It's Friday at Daytona, and although this is the FRIDAY update, let's start with a little info about yesterday.  Thursday is always the 2nd longest day of the Rolex 24 at Daytona.  We had team meetings, driver meetings, two practice sessions, qualifying, then night practice. We were at it all day! The car ran well despite a tiny gearbox oil leak in the first session that cost us most of our track time in that session, but it was an easy fix and the car ran flawlessly for the rest of the day. Johannes van Overbeek qualified our #03 Patron Ferrari, but not as well as he would have hoped. We were a bit off on the setup and he battled understeer during the qualifying session, ultimately finishing in the 12th spot - in an amazingly competitive GT field of 40-something cars.  However, we've got a very solid car that we know will be fast for 24 hours, so we're not too worried about the starting position.

After that, I did finally get behind the wheel during night practice and had a good, short run - and that was it! Driving time is pretty minimal at an event like this, especially when you're sharing the car with three other drivers!

Today?  It's been a pretty easy day for us!  Slept in a bit, watched Johannes turn a few laps in one of the practice sessions this morning, then had a little team meeting and spent some solid time doing driver change practice - and that's about it!  Hanging around and relaxing, updating all my social media :), and about to sit down with the engineers and my teammates for our race strategy meeting.  Then we're done until all the pre-race ceremonies tomorrow, for the big day!

I'll update a bit more tonight.  Thanks for reading!