Photo by John ThawleyOk, ok - so I've ALREADY slacked on my blog and we're hardly into the 2011 season!  Sorry about that... 

But really, I have a good excuse!  I've been BUSY!! :) Seven days at Sebring, half a day at home before returning to Sebring for testing then driving back home the same day. Next flying to Barber Motorsports Park for testing with BGB Motorsports, flying back home THAT night followed by two consecutive days of private coaching with clients at Palm Beach Intl. Raceway - and then I slept... and then I hibernated for a long weekend!

Sebring was a LONG week.  We finished 10th in the No. 002 ESM Ferrari 458 GT after pushing through a few setbacks including some gearbox problems. The team worked tirelessly through the week, then were up literally all night long before the race making changes to both our Ferrari's, only to work even harder through the entire race to keep the car running.  Most of our guys were up for nearly 42 hours. Thankfully we pulled out a top-ten finish and collected some points for the championship in the No. 002.  Our teammates in the No. 001 had terrible luck, being collected in an accident just under two hours into the race, suffering irrepairable damage to the car.  Fortunately our boy Johannes van Overbeek remained unharmed.

Otherwise the week was really fun and of course it was very exciting to get the season underway.  A number of friends and family came to the race to support me and cheer us on, which made it a very special event for me.  Of course I'm forgetting a ton of details from the week, but it IS almost midnight, I'm watching the Formula 1 Australian GP on my DVR, and I'm sleepy!  I'll keep up with the blog more frequently, I promise!  Stay tuned!