It's here! I'M here! And already, day one at Sebring is over, and day two begins. Yesterday was a full-day test for only the ALMS teams.  We didn't have a stellar day, but it wasn't bad either.  A number of system checks, brake bedding and data collection took place.  It was a relatively easy-paced day as we know we're here all week long and don't want to burn down the cars.  We worked on the handling and set up of our #002 Patron / Extreme Speed Ferrari 458 a bit in the first half of the day, then focused mostly on getting my teammate Ed Brown up to speed in the second half of the day.  The #001 car of course worked on set up and going fast all day long - which proved well as they got to some quicker lap times than we did in the #002.  The day ended with our usual debrief with the engineers, strategy for day 2 (today) and the boys hard at work prepping the cars and making changes.

Today should be a good day, but much shorter, with only two one-hour sessions.  Hopefully we've made some progress with the set up and will turn some quicker times today!  Will report later on!