The team having dinner

I'm telling you... there aren't too many race teams out there that are as much fun to race with as the group at BGB Motorsports. It's always such a great time, it's crazy. What a great weekend - although pretty abbreviated, given the short 2-day schedule with Grand-Am. We did well. I was P2 in practice and the 911 was feeling GREAT. The Caymans were doing MUCH better as well, and we also welcomed the addition of a new team driver and good friend of mine, Jean-Francois Dumoulin, from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, in the 38 car.

My teammate Stu definitely made some good strides to improve, which was great to see. However, he got a little roughed up at the start of the race and wound up getting shuffled to the back of the pack, which was disappointing because he was driving so well in practice and qualifying. At least he's on his way to legitimate improvements and he'll be mixing it up with the best in no time! I got in the car about 17 minutes into the race, as a yellow came out and we wanted to capitalize on pit strategy. From there, I just busted my butt and BGB did a great job with our strategy to get me up to 6th place. But man, was it hard fought! There were some SERIOUSLY heavy battles we had on track, mixing it up with groups of cars for 10-20 laps at a time. That was one of the toughest races I've had in a while, as the class is SO competitive and has nearly 40 cars in our class!

All in all, we finished 6th - and coming from dead last, that's a great result in my opinion! Now we're on to Watkins Glen this week, and I can't wait for race time once again.