Beleive it or not, the motorhome is in one piece. 1300 miles later and FORTY degrees colder, I've safely arrived in Watkins Glen... One of my favorite places. Love this little town, right on Seneca Lake. Beautiful. Oh, the track isn't so bad either... ;)

It was SO WINDY the whole drive up and that little motorhome was like a SAIL in the wind! It's amazing I didn't hip-check 30 cars off the highway as I was blown into the lanes next to me... But my superior swerving skills prevailed somehow... They don't call me 'Swervin' Irvin' for nothing... :)

Oh yeah, there was also some Gray little Porsche that tail gated me the ENTIRE drive up... I could shake that guy no matter how much I swerved!!

Now for a nice dinner with teammate Stu (Tetreault) & team manager John (Tecce), then some rest & up early to hit "The Glen", courtesy of Chin Motorsports!

Stay tuned, and Happy Mothers day, moms!!