Another good day at the track.  Although... isn't any day at the track a good day?  Maybe I'm biased... but this is good stuff!  Here's the quick and dirty on today, abbreviated-style (because I need to get to bed!)

Practice 1: We tried a few things with the car that just didn't work out too well performance-wise, and were relatively slow compared to yesterday.  Left it alone given time restraints and let Ed burn laps for the remainder of the session.

Practice 2: We un-did those things and went fast again!  Again, we left it alone and let Ed get in to continue getting up to speed.  (While all this is happening, Scott, Johannes and the 01 crew are hard at it working on solely making the car faster, and doing tons of set up changes.  We tend to keep things real simple with our 02 car so the car is consistent & predictable for Ed each time he gets in it)

Qualifying: The 01 car RIPS IT and Johannes puts it outside pole! KILLER effort by him and the 01 crew.  Me?  I RIP IT and it's only good for seventh...

I WAS PIIISSSSSSSED!!!!  That's only because I absolutely LOVE qualifying and ALWAYS think I can put a car on pole - given everything around me is in agreement!  The 02 car was REALLY darn good, but ultimately I guess just not as good as the others!  The 01 crew did make a few changes just before qualifying that obviously made the car REALLY good, so of course we're working on implementing those changes to our car for tomorrow.

I don't feel too bad, however, because the top eight positions are covered by a mere 0.7 seconds... that's TIGHT!!!  We're in good shape for the race, that I'm sure of... but most importantly about today was that Extreme Speed grabbed their first FRONT-ROW qualification, so we're all stoked about that.

TOMORROW, however, is a whole new day, and a long one at that.  6 hours of fun, here we come!

I'm ready to do battle... ;)