Twilight Bike Ride at Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaI did it. I climbed Mount Corkscrew. I made my way up the long, steep incline from Laguna Seca's left-handed turn 5, through the tricky left of turn 6, and all the way up the even-more steep incline in the mountain to the famed Corkscrew turn. But this time I didn't have 500+ Prancing Horses behind me, nor the symphonic sound of the 8 fire-breathing Italian cylinders that produce those prancing horses. I didn't even have all four wheels underneath me...

I rode my BIKE up the hill! With TWO Horse Power, one from my right leg, and one from my left. And only TWO wheels! And the only breath of fire heard was from my lungs as I gasped for air, my heart rate maxxed out and my legs burning!

And do you know what else I didn't have? A full roll-cage around me, seat belts to hold me in and those other two wheels to ensure I wouldn't FALL OFF that bike as I rode with a full-on DEATH GRIP all the way down the famed Corkscrew turn, sweeping through turn 9 and finally breathing again as I approached turn 10, maxxing out at nearly 40MPH on the way down.

To make sure that description was accurate, I did it 6 more times. :)

But seriously, it was a lot of fun, and a great way to experience and enjoy the unique and beautiful nature of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Just an incredible place. I still don't think I need to be hurling around at 40MPH on a bicycle (and yes, I'm aware that when I'm in a racecar I don't blink an eye at the idea of rolling through turn 9 at a hundred-something miles per hour - at least there's something around me if it all goes wrong!) but it was a great experience and great workout.

Again, this cycling thing is still fairly new to me, and after doing 55 miles on Johannes' ride yesterday with all those hills, my legs - and 'under carriage' - are a little worn out! I live in FLORIDA. There are no mountains or hills where I ride...!

Tomorrow I can get back to four wheels and concentrate on what I do best! In the mean time, here's a few photos from the ride.

Thanks for reading!


Here's my data from the ride: