Photo: Grand-Am.comOk! So today was a good day! We definitely made a few improvements to the car and slapped that baby in P1 this morning! Booyaaa!! The GT field is extremely competitive here, and times were all VERY close. We were up near the top the entire session, but made some changes at the end of the session and not only put our #03 Tequila Patron Ferrari in first place, but had a solid gap over the rest of the field. We were the only car to break into the 1:19's all day today, with a 1:19.8. Not too shabby!

Ed did his homework last night and turned some really good times as well - his quickest thus far. For the second session today we finished up 5th in GT, but we were trying a few things on the car that helped in some sections of the track, but made the car worse in other sections. We're collecting data off this car as, again, we've hardly run this thing and still have plenty to learn about it. But at least it's fast!

The conditions were still extremely slipperty today, and not getting any better. The weather calls for possible rain both tomorrow and Sunday, so we'll see what we get. Tomorrow is a practice at 9am to 10am, Autograph session from 10:30-11:30am, and qualifying at 1:15-1:30pm. I'm not sure if Ed or I will qualify the car just yet - we'll decide in the morning and see how the weather is for us!

My ESM boys did good today, as always - but it's nice to be quickest of the day! Stay tuned - more reports tomorrow night!