Hello race fans! It's time for another update from Sebring!

Well to start, I'm still sick. After some driver-change practices and a handful of laps in the car yesterday I was really starting to feel better, or at least I thought I was. That ended when I woke up this morning and felt like all the cars on track had run over my head. So, I've been in hibernation all day again. Fortunately I wasn't slated to drive at all today since Johannes was qualifying, so while he did all the work, I've been hacking up a lung, blowing my noze, getting an IV or two at the track medical center and trying to sleep this thing off. Nothing like waiting till race week to get sick, huh? But either way, I'm ready to give it hell tomorrow. TO THE FRONT, I say!

As for the team, we hadn't been quite as quick as we were in testing just a few weeks ago, and the cars had been pretty unhappy and difficult to drive. Fortunately the brain trust at ESM stumbled across a few things and we're now back on the road to having that amazing car we had just two weeks ago. Only problem is, we're now out of time to tweak on it some more. After a bit of a clutch problem at the start of qualifying Johannes got out and threw down some quick laps to put us 7th in the EXTREMELY competitive GT class.

I'll be starting the race tomorrow, and ready to hand it off to Scott Sharp after about an hour or two with a handsome lead. Tall order? Absolutely. But I'm going to enjoy trying!!

It's a long race, folks - stay tuned, and wish us luck!


Here's a photo by John Thawley from night practice - just awesome!