This weekend I had the pleasure of joining Robinson Motorsports at Mid-Ohio for the SVRA race. Meeting them all for the first time, I was shocked to hear that nearly ALL of the guys on the team had been working together at Robinson Motorsports for nearly twenty years! That's pretty incredible in this industry, but was certainly evident as I watched them work like a well oiled machine, with jokes and smiles flying around all throughout the weekend. What an incredible group of guys. And at the helm is George Robinson - probably one of the nicest men I've ever met - and quite a shoe as well. That boy was hauling the mail in that car!

Speaking of which - how about the new love of my life! (well, only 2nd to my girlfriend Joey... I love you sweetie!) That 2007 Lola Judd V10 LMP1 rocket ship! That thing was AWESOME!!! We got along verrrrry well - probably well enough to put it in the top three of an ALMS P1 qualifying grid...! But we ran the club course chicane, so it's hard to tell exactly how we compared to last years times.

George & I won the 80-minute endurance race today, of which George started and I finished - against our main competition of Andy Wallace & my best buddy Doug Smith - who drove the Rogers Motorsports Audi R8 LMP1 car. Quite a scene watching (and driving) these cars on track, whizzing past cars like they're standing still!

Here's some photos. I've got some in-car video that I'll post later this week as well, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!