Well hello ~ we meet again...!  Barber, oh Barber... part race track & part circumstance, I'm just definitely not in love with this place.  Yes, it's beautiful - but... looks aren't everything.

Collectively we all at BGB Motorsports have worked real hard to get our Porsche Cayman S' a bit further up the charts, to not much avail.  It's just a very challenging weekend, and some tracks suit your car better than others, and Barber is not one for us!  Both cars qualified 26th & 27th on the grid for tomorrow's race, and it's going to be a long one.  I'll likely get in very early and drive nearly two hours, and I'll be sure to give it my all!  It's going to be HOT though!  90 degrees and humid in a car that's going to require lots of activity to keep it on track!  But this is what I do!  And I'll do it with a smile - or at least for as long as I can!  I'm known in the BGB camp to get a little aggravated during these Continental Tire races... ;)  You may (or may not) want to listen to me on the radio.  Maybe one day I'll record some of our radio conversations and upload them.  Or then again, that REALLY might not be a good idea!!

Let's see how tomorrow goes!  As always, and especially in this series, ANYTHING can happen - and I'll be ready to pounce on it when it does!  GO BGB #83!!!