Boy oh boy, am I ready for Sebring! The 59th Annual Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring.  Talk about an exciting one that's destined for the books, huh?  Nearly 60 CARS on the entry list!  24 of them in GT!  I am patiently counting the days until I'm standing in that paddock. 

I've re-signed with Scott Sharp's Extreme Speed Motorsports, Tequila Patron is our sponsor, I'm driving with the President & CEO of the company - Ed Brown, we've got two new Ferrari F458GT race cars, a new look, a new plan, and a year's worth of experience and information in our back pocket... I've got a lot to be excited about!

We're going to have a great year.  I know the competiton will be FIERCE, but I'll thrive on it!  Scott Sharp & ESM have really polished and refined this operation, and I know we're ready.  The 458's, however, are a bit of an unkown quantity to us, and as with any brand-new race car, you just have to take things in stride.  I'm sure the car will be competitive - at least enough for us to be in the hunt at Sebring - as always, reliability will be the big question mark.  However, I'm sure our Italian friends at Micchelotto and Ferrari are confident we'll have no problems.  After all, they've only won races & championship nearly every year for the past five years!

During this past week and my final few days remaining until the week-long extravaganza of Sebring begins, I've been working out, running, eating right, getting rest, and taking care of a whole lot of work at Cosmo-Sport world headquarters.  It's been good.  Time at home is fairly rare for me, as I've been racing, testing and coaching quite a bit already in 2011, so I really enjoy it when I am home.

But Sebring - I'm ready for you!  It's about time to get my name in the history books!  While my #02 ESM/Patron Ferrari might not be a favorite to win this year's 12 hour, don't be surprised if it does - and even if we don't - there's a bunch more races this year that we might!  C.A.N.T. W.A.I.T!!!